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According to news on April 28, according to sources familiar with the matter cited by Nikkei Asia, Apple's self-developed next-generation Mac processor (tentatively designated as the M2 chip) will begin mass production this month.

According to reports, this Apple "M2 chip" is expected to be shipped as early as July this year and will be included in the MacBook products that will be sold in the second half of this year.

Like the M1 chip, the new "M2 chip" will be in the form of a system-on-chip (SoC), which means that the M2 chip will integrate the central processing unit, graphics processor, and artificial intelligence accelerator all in a single chip. The above-mentioned people familiar with the matter also pointed out that eventually this M2 chip will be used in other Apple devices besides MacBook.

The M2 chip will also continue to be produced by TSMC, and will be produced using the latter's most advanced semiconductor process (5 nm). It will take at least three months to produce this type of chip.