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Counterpoint predicts that by 2021, global smartphone AP (application processor)/SoC (system on chip) chip set shipments will increase by 3% year-on-year, and MediaTek will rank first with a 37% share. In the global 5G smartphone SoC market, Qualcomm will lead with a 30% share.

Global smart phone AP/SoC market share (%) forecast

According to Counterpoint’s forecast, MediaTek will rank first with 37% of the global smartphone AP/SoC market in 2021; Qualcomm’s market share is 31%, ranking second; Apple’s market share is 16%, ranking third; Samsung’s market share Ziguang Zhanrui’s market share is 6%, and its rapid growth has entered the top five. HiSilicon’s market share has fallen rapidly, falling out of the top five.

Global 5G smartphone AP/SoC market share (%) forecast

According to Counterpoint’s forecast, Qualcomm ranked first in the global 5G smartphone AP/SoC market in 2021 with a 30% share; Apple followed closely with a 29% market share, and MediaTek’s market share was 28%, ranking third, Samsung Unigroup’s market share remained unchanged at 10%, ranking fourth. HiSilicon’s market share was gradually shrinking, but still in the top five, Ziguang Zhanrui’s market share gradually increased, ranking sixth.

Counterpoint predicts that by 2021, top technology including 7nm, 6nm and 5nm will account for nearly half of smartphone shipments, mainly for 5G smartphone models. Because advanced craftsmanship (for example, TSMC and Samsung's 11/12/14nm) will serve the mainstream 4G LTE chipset in 2021.

Analysts believe that MediaTek is in a well-positioned position using TSMC and its reasonably priced 5G product portfolio and can almost double its market share in the 5G smartphone SoC/AP field. MediaTek and Qualcomm together account for nearly two-thirds of the 5G smartphone SoC market demand, but the gap between the two has narrowed.