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The semiconductor boom has grown against the trend under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The three major foundries of TSMC, World and UMC have increased their employees’ salaries in April and May. TSMC’s salary increase in April increased by about 3% to 3%. Five; The world will also increase salary by 3% starting in April; UMC will adjust salary in May without announcing the adjustment rate, but it is expected to be better than last year and the increase rate is in the first half of the semiconductor class.

Both TSMC and the world have made structural major salary adjustments since January of this year. TSMC has substantially increased their principal and salary by 20%. The world has followed suit and announced that all regular employees directly hired in Taiwan will increase their monthly principal and salary by 100%. Tenths. At that time, the two companies emphasized that the annual routine salary adjustment and year-end bonus, three-section bonus and dividends remained unchanged. Now the annual routine salary adjustment of the two companies has been released, which is equivalent to two salary increases for all employees in a year.

TSMC announced earlier that this year, including performance bonuses, remuneration and dividends of NT$69.51 billion (the same below), the average person can receive 1.39 million yuan, an increase of about 30% from last year's average. This year, the company will continue to increase its salary by 3% to 5%. In order to cope with the continuous expansion of production, the company will recruit another 8,000 people this year. It is expected to attract more young blood to join.

Last year, UMC also suffered from strong demand for chips and full capacity, and its profit set a new 20-year high. This year, after following up with TSMC’s structural salary adjustment of 2.5-6%, it will also carry out a routine routine from May 1st. Sexual salary adjustment. UMC stated that it is inconvenient to announce salary adjustments in view of the different performance of each person, but emphasizes that it will be the first class of the industry, and the overall profit is expected to be better than last year. The adjustment is higher than last year.

Japan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. announced that it will increase its monthly production capacity of 40,000 28nm mature process at its Nanjing plant in mainland China. UMC is also expanding its 28nm production line at Nanke P5 Plant and Continental Lianxin. The production capacity highlights that the chip shortage has exploded from the previous 40 to 65 nanometers, and has expanded to 28 nanometers. In the short term, new production capacity is not easy to open, including the continued bullish price of 8-inch and 12-inch wafer foundry.