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On April 20th, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation) issued an announcement announcing that starting from April 2021, the production line of the new plant in the Nagasaki TEC plant has begun operations. The Nagasaki Technology Center is a production center under the Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation). The new plant is named "Fab5" and will be used for mass production of CMOS image sensors.

According to reports, Nagasaki TEC is the production center of smartphone CMOS image sensors, which is the main product line of Sony's image and sensing solutions business. Looking to the future, Sony Semiconductor Solutions plans to expand the production facilities of Fab 5 in accordance with market trends and further strengthen the production infrastructure of CMOS image sensors, so that Sony can continue to provide CMOS image sensors with excellent image quality and high performance, mainly used in The evolving smartphone camera market.

According to data, Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is 100% owned by Sony Semiconductor Solutions. Its main business is semiconductor design, development, production and customer service. Its Nagasaki Technology Center was established in December 1987 and ended April 1, 2021. The number of daily employees is about 2,900 (including temporary employees); Fab 5 currently has a total construction area of ​​about 48,000 square meters and a clean room area of ​​10,000 square meters (5,000 square meters x 2 floors). It mainly produces CMOS image sensors.

According to previous reports, in October 2015, Sony announced the spin-off of its semiconductor business and the establishment of a new company, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corp. (Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corp.), which mainly focuses on image sensors.